A Past Adventure – The Sharp Island Geopark in 2016


In the summer of 2016, long before the creation of Stewart Goes Walkies, we decided to visit the Sharp Island Geopark, which lies just off Sai Kung.

Getting there

As we were coming from Tai Po we took the MTR into Shatin and the 299X KMB Bus. This is a convenient route that goes from the Shatin Bus Terminus to Sai Kung.

From Sai Kung, Sharp island is easily accessible by a 10-15 minute Kaido (boat) ride. You can purchase tickets from any one of the operators along the Sai Kung waterfront. Most of them have “Sharp Island”, “Kiu Tsui”, or “Hap Mun Bay” on their boards.

The Geopark

The Geopark is a volcanic rock region located on a small island which is connected to Sharp Island by a sand levee. When we visited if was only passable when the tide was low so you had to time your visits accordingly. Today, however, they have built up the levee so it is more accessible. It has been designated a UNESCO Global Geopark.

The Levee as it might have looked on the day of our visit, and…
…the reinforced levee as it looks today.

Once across the levee you are greeted by this sign

There is a short but strenuous climb to the highest point on the island and from there you have the choice of descending the way you came or following a path down to the rocky coast.

After spending some time at the highest viewpoint we decided to descend the way we had come and made our way back across the levee.

Once back on Sharp Island you can find shops and stalls selling refreshments. We enjoyed a cold drink while waiting for Kaido to take us back to Sai Kung.



It was a pleasant day out. The transportation getting to and from Sharp Island is easy and regular. And, you also have the benefits of being able to explore Sai Kung and enjoying one or more seafood restaurants. And of course, today you have the added convenience and security of the reinforced levee.

Further information on the Geopark may be found here.

Getting home is a simple matter of finding the correct bus from the Sai Kung Terminus to suit your travel requirements.


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