A Short Walk in Lam Tsuen


The temperature in the New Territories of Hong Kong is 30 degrees Celsius. It is hot, seemingly airless, and not conducive to walking anywhere that does not result in a cold drink.

Yet we need to get out. Obesity is on the rise, the government tells us. The problem is that it is one thing to be told you are heading for obesity, it is something else to be told how to deal with it.

Fortunately, I live in a very pleasant location. As long as you take precautions, bring plenty of water, and wear a hat. It is quite safe to take short walks along well-populated areas.

Safe footpaths
Being Sensible

In deference to my age and the heat, I have lowered my daily target of five kilometres down to four. Not much of a reduction, I hear you say. But, in my case, it made the difference between getting home happy, and just managing to get home.

Farms and hills along the Lam Tsuen Valley


After walking a short distance up Lam Kam Road I crossed over and walked back along the opposite side. This gave me a beautiful view of the farms and hills. If you keep your eyes open there is always something to see.

Fungi on an old tree stump


This lizard sat still long enough for me to take a photo

After a quick pit stop at the Kwun Yick Store for a cold drink, I made my way home. I was hot and tired but in one piece. Could I have done a little bit more? Probably, but in this heat, why take the risk.

Be safe people.


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