Drama and Beauty in the East Point Bird Sanctuary


East Point Park is one of Toronto’s largest parkland areas. It is located along the city’s eastern waterfront. It is a migratory staging area for monarch butterflies and over 178 species of birds. A small area has been designated as a bird sanctuary.


The Drama

“While my friends are in France”, writes Allen, “enjoying the stunning scenery, yummy cuisine, getting to know Van Gogh. I took a short walk in my neighbourhood park. It’s been very hot lately, but the morning is always nice and cool.”

Allen arrived as the sun was rising and saw this beautiful dawn.


While Allen was enjoying the scenery along the waterfront, a drama unfolded before him. Suddenly a fawn burst out from the undergrowth with a coyote hot in pursuit. It was evident to Allen that the coyote was not looking for a cuddle. The fawn dashed into the water to escape its pursuer and the coyote followed its movements, knowing full well that at some point in time the fawn was going to have to return to land.

Allen decided to intervene and approached the coyote carefully. It soon left the scene. Allen then watched, anxiously, as the fawn struggled in the water. It was a good 15 minutes before the frightened animal returned to dry land.

The frightened fawn, still some distance from the shore

Tired, scared, and bedraggled, it sought out a place where it could hide, and rest.


Exhausted and shivering



Safe at last
The Bird Sanctuary

After ensuring that the fawn was safe, Allen resumed his walk through the bird sanctuary.



And some of the other inhabitants



Once again Stewart Goes Walkies is very grateful to our friend and contributor, Allen Lai. He is so fortunate to be able to live within short distances of so many wonderful places. His sense of adventure, keen eye, and knowledge of photography bring his adventures to life.

We look forward to his next contribution.


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