A Lantau Ramble – Shui Hau to Lo Kei Wan


Stewart Goes Walkies is pleased to have another contribution from our friend, reader, and fellow hiker, David Muir.

David accompanied my son, James, and I on the hike from Fanling to Lam Tsuen in October 2020. It was to be a lesson in route planning that I have never forgotten. I missed out an entire mountain from the route which added a couple of hours to the hike. You can read about it here.

One of David’s previous contributions was about the route from Ngong Ping to the Shek Pik Reservoir. This is a route that I have done many times in my younger days and I can thoroughly recommend it. You can check it out here.

The weather in Hong Kong is dangerously hot at the moment. Every weekend it is not unusual for the rescue services to be called out several times to rescue hikers that have overestimated their abilities. David had the opportunity of doing a short walk in the Lantau countryside, so, making sure that he had sufficient water, some munchies, and a hat he set off.

SGW is grateful to have received these photos of his route.

The Route

Starting at Shui Hau David followed a well-constructed footpath that for the most part, was in the shade. The destination was Lo Kei Wan. Shui Hau to Lo Kei Wan is actually Section 9 of the Lantau Trail. It is graded 4/10 in severity which means that it is an easy hike.

Getting to the start

The number 11 (Tung Chung to Tai O) bus from Tung Chung Bus Terminal passes Shui Hau. You can either tell the driver where you want to get off or watch for the stop signs.

The Beautiful Scenery

This is the start of the route to Lo Kei Wan (writes David), Lo Kei Wan is one of the remote beaches on Lantau. The path is between 3-4 kilometers.

The path rises and gets gradually steeper. But, keep going because on a clear day you get a great view of Fung Wong Shan (Pheonix Mountain)

Fung Wong Shan in the distance


Like all the routes on Lan Tau, the footpaths are signposted

Follow the path down to the beach. Please note: There are no shops on the beach so make sure you have plenty of water with you.

Lo Kei Wan
Beginning the descent into Lo Kei Wan

And here we have Lo Kei Wan, it looks better than this on a clear day. A friendly reminder, please take all your trash home and don’t leave it on the beach as feral cows and barking deer live in the area.

For anyone interested in camping, there is a dedicated camping site and you can find more information about it here.


As long as you follow all sensible precautions with regard to the hot weather warnings this is a pleasant outing. It is only about 4 kilometers so you can take your time and rest along the way. Getting home involves walking out onto South Lantau Road and picking up a bus back to Tung Chung.

If you are planning to camp on the beach you can buy supplies from this shop located in Shui Hau.

They sell everything from a roll of toilet paper to BBQ food. The owner of the shop, whose name is Wing, is very friendly and helpful.

Stewart Goes Walkies is very grateful to David for his excellent photos and descriptions.

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  1. As I live in the area and Lo Kei Wan is just up the hill I go here quite often to get away from it all
    I take a few sandwiches as I’m sandwich crazy and a few cold beers and some water of course and sit on the beach and watch the world go by

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