Lam Tsuen Heung Kung Sho Road


This is a short but pleasant walk for anyone living in the Tai Po area. It passes the Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree which is always worth a visit. It then carries on past the Cultural Centre, the Lam Tsuen Tin Hau Temple, and then turns off along Lam Tsuen Heung Kung Sho Road. Before starting the walk you can always get a cold drink at one of the shops near the Wishing Tree.

The original Wishing Tree, now looking much better after several years of care
Getting to the start.

You can pick up the 64K KMB bus at either the terminal in Tai Po or the Tai Wo MTR. Alternatively, you can take the 24K Green minibus, also from Tai Wo. Watch for the Fong Ma Po stop.


The familiar entrance to Fong Ma Po, the location of the Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree as seen from the 64K bus stop
The Route
The route was 1.5 kilometres and with stops for photos took just under 40 minutes

(Please remember to check the weather and make sure you have sufficient amounts of water with you. It is not a long walk but, regardless of whether you are going to stop at Fong Ma Po first, there are no shops along the way until you get to San Tsuen – SGW).

The replacement Wishing Tree, I’m not sure what the white goats are supposed to represent
The Lam Tsuen Cultural Centre – sadly, every time I have tried to visit it has been closed

Once you pass the Wishing Tree area you come to the Lam Tsuen Tin Hau Temple. SGW has visited the Lam Tsuen Wishing on several occasions and you can learn more about the history of the place in one of those visits here.


After the temple, we followed the road around to the left and passed by the first of several public toilets to be seen on the route.

San Uk Chuen

As you leave Fong Ma Po the first village along the route is San Uk Chuen. The single-lane road is a bit uneven in places so watch your footing.

We took a quick break to look at the scenery across the Lam Tsuen River to the farms on the other side.

Note the horseshoe graves to the left of the photo, banned since the 1970s. The indigenous villagers throughout the New Territories had their own ideas

Then we carried on and entered another small village.

San Uk Tsai

The first thing that greeted us was the public toilet. In case you are wondering, no, I do not have a fixation with public toilets. It is just that it is so nice to see a well-appointed, clean toilet, even if you don’t need to use it. Also, there is another point. For short walks, I use a Lifestraw Go filtration bottle with an additional filter. (While the regular filter cleans the water, the second filters out the taste of chlorine making the water more palatable). If I run out of water I can always fill up at the tap in these venues.

From this point, things became more scenic.

The San Uk Tsai Children Playground

And right next to it was the village fish pond.

Just a few steps off the road, I imagine this little area provides a nice bit of shade in sunny weather

This tree refused to give up on life

Leaving San Uk Tsai

At this point, the route meanders a bit. You come to a large car park. Don’t follow the road to the right but carry on across in the direction of the red car.

Chung Uk Tsuen and Tong Min Tsuen

After crossing the car park the road continues. It is hard to know exactly where Chung Uk Tsuen ends and Tong Min Tsuen starts.

The road after the car park


Entering Tong Min Tsuen
A pleasant sitting out area for weary hikers
You are now officially in Tong Min Tsuen

Lam Kam Road and the end of the route. The Kwun Yick Store is just to the right of this photo in case you are in need of refreshments

We were lucky to have done this walk on an overcast day so the temperature was nice. Rain was forecast but, again, we were lucky as later in the day there was a heavy downfall accompanied by thunder and lightning.

I wouldn’t suggest coming all the way from Hong Kong Island to do this hike but, having said that, the Wishing Tree is always worth a visit. And, if anyone can find out what the white goats are for please let me know.

Getting home is simply a matter of catching either the 64K KMB bus or the 24K green minibus on Lam Kam Road which will take you back to Tai Po. The bus stop is to the left of the road in the last photo.

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