The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men


September at last! And with September comes the start of the cooler weather and I am busy making plans to complete some of the routes I started last season.

The Plans

The best laid plans o’ mice an’ men Gang aft a-gley.”

Bearing in mind the famous quotation from Robert Burns this is what I have in mind to get the season off to a start.

The Tai Mei Tuk Family Walk

This walk is at the top of my bucket list.

This is a relatively short and easy route for people of all ages. It starts just beyond the Tai Mei Tuk BBQ area. It is well-signposted and according to the latest information the path looks to be in good condition.

The route takes you up to the lookout point which, on a good day should provide great views of the Plover Cove Reservoir and the surrounding area.


Kau Lui Ha to San Tsuen

One of my first targets is to complete the walk from Kau Lui Ha to San Tsuen. I set out to do this route a few months ago and soon realised that I had underestimated the heat. The route would be from Kau Lui Ha, passing the Botanic Union and down onto the footpath that runs along the Lam Tsuen River. I would follow this path as far as the Ngau Kwu Leng Bridge and then go inland to Lam Tsuen Heung Kung Sho Road which will lead me to San Tsuen.


The dotted line after the Botanic Union shows the route down to and along the Lam Tsuen River until the Ngau Kwu Leng Bridge (which is not marked in this map).

You can see the second part of this route here.

Completing the New Territories Cycle Network

This series of cycle tracks run from Tuen Mun to Ma On Shan and consists of 60 kilometres of cycle lanes.

I have, in fact, completed the sections from Ma On Shan to Sheung Shui. This leaves only Sheung Shui to Yuen Long (14 kilometres) and Yuen Long to Tuen Mun legs (9 kilometres). I will probably wait until late October or early November before attempting these sections to ensure that the weather is well and truly cooler.

You can read more about the Network here.

Cloudy Hill

Climbing Cloudy Hill would be the completion of the Wilson Trail Stage 8 section. I was able to complete the first part of this section in the company of my family. You can see the report here.

Cloudy Hill or Kau Lung Hang Shan reaches a height of 440 metres. Located within the Pat Sin Leng Country Park, the start of the walk is from Tai Po Tau Shui Wai Village. I fully expect parts of the ascent to be strenuous.

By Minghong – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

One of the drawbacks of this route is that, unless you are planning to carry on to Section 9 (a task in itself) of the Wilson Trail the easiest way off the hill is back down the same way you came.


I really hope to have the company of my wonderful wife, son James, and his lovely wife on some of these routes. Their support over the past few years has been second to none and very gratefully received.

Hopefully, I’ll be reporting on the Kau Lui Ha hike and the Tai Mei Tuk Family Walk shortly.

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