The New Territories Cycle Track – a Re-Cap


As I am nearing my target of completing the New Territories Cycle Track (NTCT) I decided to do a re-cap of my progress to date.

A bit of history – When my son, James learned that I had completed routes between Fotan and Tai Po, and Fanling to Tai Po, he pointed out to me that these routes were actually sections of the NTCT. I did some research and mapped out what I had accomplished and what I still had to complete. I have presented the sections in their correct order, as opposed to when they were completed chronologically.

Ma On Shan to Fotan

You can take a look at this 11 kilometre section here.

Despite the fact that this route is mostly within the built-up areas of Ma On Shan, Shatin and Fotan it does have some nice sections that take you along the seafront and Shing Mun River.

The Route Map
Fotan in the distance
The Ma On Shan Park
Fotan to Tai Po

You can take a look at this 12 kilometre section here.

This section shares a part of the previous section in that there is the long and somewhat tedious section along the Shing Mun River that passes the Hong Kong Jockey Club. It is in this section where you might witness some amazing accidents where cyclists manage to fall off their bikes while traveling along a completely straight track.

The perfectly straight, tedious section along the Shing Mun River
The Tai Po Tai Wong Yeh Temple – I think the soft drink machine rather detracts from the ambiance
Fanling to Tai Wo (Tai Po)

You can take a look at this 9.7 kilometre section here.

This section makes for a pleasant outing. As I started at Fanling the beginning of the section does require some navigation until you come on the NTCT. However, it is easy to find and once you are on it the section makes for a nice walk that includes a few drink shops.

The route takes you through the Lam Tsuen Valley
A toy car graveyard – one of the more unusual things I have seen on my walks
Fanling to Sheung Shui

This was a short section that just had to be ‘filled-in’. I did it after work one Saturday afternoon.  It was just under 4 kilometres and can read about it here.

Some of the signage wasn’t terribly clear so I had to ask a passer-by for directions to Sheung Shui
Old abandoned property
Sheung Shui to Yuen Long

I have recently posted the story of this 17 kilometre section so I will not go into great detail here other than to provide the link for the report here, and the route map.

Yuen Long to Tuen Mun

Watch this space!

I intend to finish this final section as soon as possible.


So far I have walked 54 of the 60 kilometres of the New Territories Cycle Track. This does not include the traveling, mostly by foot, getting to and from the starts and finishes (upon arriving home after completing the Sheung Shui to Yuen Long section we found that we had actually completed 26 kilometres that day). It will be a moment of great satisfaction to complete the final stage. As mentioned above, watch this space!

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