A Post COVID Ramble


Anyone who has suffered the effects of COVID will tell you that it leaves you with serious energy problems. Whilst you feel better some days, on others, it’s all you can do to just get through the day.

Today I wanted to try a short walk. Nothing too strenuous, but something that would get me out into nature. I have spoken about the healing powers of nature before, and you can read about that here. I made my way, slowly, up the Tin Liu Ha Valley in the direction of San Tsuen.

The reason that I chose this area was because it is close to my home, and the main road. And, if at any time I thought it was too much for me, it would be an easy matter for me to get back.

Sheung Tin Liu Ha
Misty and humid conditions

It had rained earlier and the sun was still trying to break through the low-lying clouds. It was not a good day for photography, but at least it was cool. And I never tire of seeing actual farmland being utilised.

A Future Plan

An idea that I have been musing about for some time now is to find the footpath that runs from the car park at the end of She Shan Road to the Tin Liu Ha Valley. I have no doubt that it would be badly overgrown, but, according to the map, it does exist.

Anyway, one for the future.

According to Google Maps, the path does exist
Everything is overgrown after the recent rains but there is a footpath leading off to the left
Somewhere in all that greenery is the footpath
The Valley

Tin Liu Ha is a catchment area and this stream joins the She Shan River.


Continuing along the single-track road you pass the village to your left and the farms to your right.

This is a good example of what village houses looked like before the three-story ‘Spanish Villa’ style houses took over.


Just before the gentle climb out of the valley, you pass over the stream one last time. On this occasion, I had a pleasant surprise. As I looked down into the stream I saw two enormous koi, swimming happily in the current. Unfortunately, I startled them and they took shelter under some overhanging plants.


Then I was leaving the valley but took one last look. The sun was coming out through the clouds and the mist was slowly disappearing.

The gentle climb into Pak Tin Kong

There are several villages in this area, Ko Tin Hom, Pak Tin Kong, Lung A Pai, and San Tsuen, which is next to Lam Kam Road, and they all appear to blend into one. It is hard to tell where one starts and the other finishes.

Guardian trees – I am sure they bring good Fung Shui to the village
A row of abandoned farmhouses. There are signs advertising the land for development

Shortly after this point, you come out onto Lam Kam Road where you can rest and have a refreshing drink and snack at the Kwun Yick Store.

For more information on the Tin Liu Ha valley please take a look here.


COVID is not to be taken lightly and I set off for my walk fully prepared to give it up should I feel overly tired. I took things very easily, rested often, and just enjoyed my surroundings. I am glad I made the effort.

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