Lower Lam Tsuen Valley Circuit


This was a pleasant route that I did in the company of my son, James. It takes you from the village of She Shan Tsuen along the She Shan River to Hang Ha Po. From there a short walk down Lam Kam Road brings you to Kau Liu Ha Village. We then pass the Botanic Union (which is always worth a visit) and continue down to the Lam Tsuen River. A short walk along this scenic area brings you to the Ngau Kwu Leng Bridge and into Fong Ma Po, where, if you wish, you can visit the Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree.

In this area, there is also a selection of restaurants that serve cold drinks if you are in need of refreshments. From there we continued along Lam Tsuen Heung Kung Sho Road in the direction of Tong Min Tsuen and the end of the walk on the Lam Kam Road at San Tsuen

The Route and Getting to the Start
The route starts at the car park of She Shan Tsuen

Take the 64K KMB Bus from the Tai Po Market terminus or you can pick it up at the Tai Wo MTR. Alternatively, you can take the 25K minibus, also from the Tai Wo MTR.


If you opt for the 64K you should alight at Chung Uk Tsuen. Continue along Lam Kam Road until you come to the junction with She Shan Road. Continue down this road until you come to the car park at the end of the road, it is about a ten-minute walk. This is the start of the walk.

If you opt for the 25K minibus, tell the driver you want to go to She Shan Tsuen and he will drop you off at the junction. You may hear other passengers ask for “Sun Lo”, this is the common name for the stop.

She Shan Tsuen to Hang Ha Po
The start of the walk at the car part at She Shan Tsuen

At the car park, you will see a children’s playground to the left of the footpath. This playground was generously donated to the village by one of the residents a few years ago.

The well-appointed playground

Continue through the village past the ancestral hall and follow the path to the left. This takes you out of the village in the direction of the She Shan River.

Turn left past the houses – the Ancestral Hall is to the right of this photo
Leaving She Shan Tsuen
The She Shan River

This section of the She Shan River is a pleasant walk for a Sunday Afternoon. I have done it on several occasions and in both directions. My only regret is that there are no seating arrangements along the footpath as in many places, it would be nice to sit and listen to the birds and river sounds.

Turn right at the grave to head towards the river

First sight of the She Shan River
Enormous jackfruit

On arriving at Hang Ha Po continue down Lam Kam Road to the entrance to Kau Liu Ha. The village is impossible to miss because you will see the enormous sign for the Botanic Union

Kau Liu Ha to San Tsuen


Walking down Hang Kai Lane in the direction of the Botanic Union


The entrance to the Botanic Union, which is always worth a visit


After you pass the Botanic Union you come to these houses. Follow the footpath on the right after the cars
The footpath brings you out onto the Lam Tsuen River
Scenes along the Lam Tsuen River
The Lam Tsuen River
The Lam Tsuen River
The Ngau Kwu Leng Bridge

Follow the path to the left of the bridge which takes you up onto a single-lane road. Take care because, while there is not a lot of traffic there is the occasional vehicle. This road brings you into Fong Ma Po and the Wishing Tree Complex. Soon you will see the Lam Tsuen Tin Hau Temple with an enormous public toilet to the right.

The Lam Tsuen Tin Hau Temple

Once past the temple, we come onto the last part of the Circuit. You pass through pleasant villages with playgrounds and sitting-out areas.

The road surface is uneven in places so watch your footing and always be wary of passing vehicles
One of the parks and sitting-out areas
Follow the road off to the left
Nearing Tong Min Tsuen
Passing Tong Min Tsuen
Lam Kam Road and the end of the Circuit

This was a pleasant walk for a Sunday morning or afternoon. It was just over 4 kilometres and took about two hours. It wouldn’t be a difficult walk for younger children and, providing you have suitable transportation, a nice walk for your dog.

Getting home from Lam Kam Road is a simple matter of catching either the 64K KMB bus or 25K minibus back to Tai Wo.

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