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I actually had plans for today but they were canceled at the last minute. Reluctant as I am to waste good weather, the forecast was for 16-23 degrees, I decided to go exploring to examine new possibilities.

The Route
I apologise for the hastily drawn map, the circle to the right marks the start and finish

I use the term loosely because I didn’t really know where I was going. For some time now, I have been walking up and down the Lam Tsuen River, enjoying its beauty and peacefulness. However, I have never ventured over to the opposite bank. So, today, I decided to do just that.

I started from San Tsuen on Lam Kam Road and made my way down to the river.

The footpath leading down to the Lam Tsuen River is located just after the Kwun Yick Store.

I always enjoy the first few steps down this footpath as the traffic noises gradually disappear and all you can hear is birdsong. Within moments you are at the river.

One of the many bridges that cross the Lam Tsuen River

I crossed over the bridge and as it was my intention to continue up the valley I turned left and followed the footpath. I passed by some very noisy dogs but fortunately, they were all securely locked up behind garden fences.

I followed the footpath as it meandered along the old farmhouses and very soon came to these fields. As Chinese New Year approaches, many farmers are growing the traditional blossoms.

To the left of the field above was this one, full of healthy vegetables

It was then that I heard the happy laughter of children and realised that I had arrived at the Tree Top Cottage. This is a facility that caters to children, and adults, seeking an adventure weekend. SGW covered Tree Top Cottage previously and you may see the post here.

Entering the Tree Top Cottage grounds
The Tree House that the facility is named after. I believe it can be rented
The campfire area where the visitors can gather in the evening
Looking back at the facilities as we head toward the river

Like many businesses, the Tree Top Cottage suffered badly due to the COVID restrictions so it was nice to see it in use once again.

A short walk past houses and flower gardens brings you back to the Lam Tsuen River and Lam Kam Road.


It was a short outing but I’m glad I made the effort. It is always nice to explore new footpaths and find out where they lead. I will be adding this ‘detour’ to my future routes.

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