Commuting by Ferry from Lantau

Introduction David Muir, our friend, and contributor lives on Lantau Island and makes a daily commute to Hong Kong for his work. Recently, in order to pass the time, on average it’s a 45-minute trip, David has started taking photos of the scenery along the way. Getting to work David usually travels on the backContinue reading “Commuting by Ferry from Lantau”

Navigation and stewartgoeswalkies, or…

…The art of getting lost and enjoying it. Introduction I have always had a problem with the simplest aspects of navigation and I don’t know why this is. I understand the concepts of up and down, left and right. But when I am handed a map these simple ideas seem to go astray. Early ProblemsContinue reading “Navigation and stewartgoeswalkies, or…”

Section 10 of the Lantau Trail

Introduction SGW is grateful to our friend and contributor, David Muir for this photo essay on Section 10 of the Lantau Trail. The Route The section, while around 10 kilometres in length is easy, mostly level, and children and dog-friendly. Getting to and from Shui Hau Wan can be done by Lantau Bus from either MuiContinue reading “Section 10 of the Lantau Trail”