Zig Zag on Suicide Wall – My Climbing Heyday

In the late seventies and early eighties Suicide Wall, now known as Suicide Cliff, was included in some of the most difficult and challenging climbs in the territory. At the time, the ultimate free climb was Lion Rock and only the most daring even attempted it. It was the only climb I ever saw myContinue reading “Zig Zag on Suicide Wall – My Climbing Heyday”

The Ngong Ping Cable Car Rescue Trail

This is yet another one of David Muir’s adventures, it is one of his favourites and stewartgoeswalkies is very grateful for his contribution. Once again, to get to the start of the walk you need to get up to Ngong Ping, writes David. I took the No. 23 Bus from my village but you canContinue reading “The Ngong Ping Cable Car Rescue Trail”

Ngong Ping to Shek Pik Reservoir – The Shek Pik Country Trail

This article was gratefully received from a fellow hiker and contributing writer, David Muir. Regular readers of stewartgoeswalkies will have seen David in a previous post, Fanling to Lam Tsuen I had chosen a real hot day for a hike, writes David. As I live on Lantau in a village situated along the South LantauContinue reading “Ngong Ping to Shek Pik Reservoir – The Shek Pik Country Trail”

Places of Interest: The Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree

The Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree is a popular tourist spot and while it is particularly busy at Chinese New Year it is open to visitors all year round. It opens from around 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m and is well worth a visit. To get there you can take the 64K KMB bus from eitherContinue reading “Places of Interest: The Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree”

Places of Interest: A Visit to Lake Egret

Lake Egret is located off the Tai Po Road just before Tai Po Kau and the entrance to the Tai Po Country Park and nature trails. It can be reached easily by the 28K Green minibus from the Tai Po Hui station. Make sure you tell the driver that you want to get off atContinue reading “Places of Interest: A Visit to Lake Egret”

Love In The Time of COVID19*

*With Apologies to Gabriel García Márquez Like many countries and communities around the world the people of Hong Kong have suffered greatly due to the onslaught of COVID19. The lock downs have lead to massive unemployment, which in turn has lead to depression, anxiety and all of the problems that this entails. As people haveContinue reading “Love In The Time of COVID19*”

Parks, Play Grounds and Sitting-out Areas in Tai Po – The Tai Po Central Town Square

The Tai Po Central Town Square sprawls across several sitting out areas with room for people to practice aerobic exercises, tai chi and even dance moves. There are also fountains and a small public toilet. As the map shows there are many ways of entering the square, we did so by the Jade Plaza side. Continue reading “Parks, Play Grounds and Sitting-out Areas in Tai Po – The Tai Po Central Town Square”