Dad, and my Uncle – POWs in Japan

As a follow-up to the Invasion of Hong Kong. This part relates the experiences of my father, uncle and thousands of POWs in Hong Kong and Japan following the fall of Hong Kong on the 25th December, 1941 In 1944 thousands of allied POWs were transported to Japan to work as slave labour. They embarked fromContinue reading “Dad, and my Uncle – POWs in Japan”

The Invasion of Hong Kong 8th December 1941

Introduction The 8th December 2021 is the 80th anniversary of the invasion of Hong Kong. On this day thousands of Japanese soldiers crossed the border and laid siege to the territory. I am reissuing this post in remembrance of that day, and as a tribute to the thousands of brave British, Indian and Canadian soldiersContinue reading “The Invasion of Hong Kong 8th December 1941”

A Piece of Possible History – Just Supposing

They say that east is east and west is west and never the twain shall meet, but what if they had? Columbus set off in 1492 in three ships, the Santa Maria of approximately 90 feet, the Pinta, between 60-80 feet and the Niňa, of 60 feet, the best that Spain had to offer atContinue reading “A Piece of Possible History – Just Supposing”