A Day Camp at the Waterfront Park

Introduction We have visited the Waterfront Park on several occasions. In fact, if we have any free time and the weather is nice we will take a walk along the Lam Tsuen River, usually ending up at the park. You can read more about the location here. It was our intention to take our EsbitContinue reading “A Day Camp at the Waterfront Park”

Hang Ha Po to Fong Ma Po

Introduction Anyone looking at a map of the Lam Tsuen area might realise that Fong Ma Po is slightly more than half a kilometre from Hang Ha Po. So, why would we be posting the route between these two locations?   The explanation is that Stewart Goes Walkies was recently contacted by one of our readers whoContinue reading “Hang Ha Po to Fong Ma Po”

Guided Walks in the Lam Tsuen Area

Introduction We have been asked if we can organise guided walks over some of the routes shown in Stewart Goes Walkies. This is possible for the routes in the Lam Tsuen area. The walks would follow the routes previously posted in Stewart Goes Walkies and we can arrange walks of durations from 1-4 hours. PleaseContinue reading “Guided Walks in the Lam Tsuen Area”