Allen’s Adventures in Europe – Part Five

Introduction Stewart Goes Walkies is very pleased to have the latest installment of Allen Lai’s amazing adventures in Europe. In this episode, Allen fulfills one of his lifelong dreams. The Matterhorn, Chillion Castle,  The Matterhorn Like every mountaineer, I was fascinated by the Matterhorn and the history behind it. Yesterday was raining continuously, and the cloudContinue reading “Allen’s Adventures in Europe – Part Five”

Jordan – The Switzerland of the East

“Today, I am in Jordan, the land sanctified by the presence of Jesus himself.” Pope Paul VI, when he visited in1964. Introduction (SGW is grateful to have another of Allen Lai’s excellent travelogues. In this one, he visits the country of Jordan). Jordan is a peaceful modern country filled with sights and sounds as oldContinue reading “Jordan – The Switzerland of the East”