Adventures in Peru – Part Five

Introduction SGW is pleased to have received Part Five of Allen Lai’s amazing adventures in Peru. In this part, Allen visits Guinea Pigs, Sacsayhuaman, Cusco Cathedral, Lima, Ballestas island After fulfilling the excitement and the expectations of Machu Picchu we drove back to Cusco. We visited a guinea pig farm along the way and triedContinue reading “Adventures in Peru – Part Five”

Adventures in Peru – Part Four

Introduction SGW is grateful to have received the next installment of Allen’s Adventures in Peru. In this part he visits: Cusco, the Maras Salt Mine and Machu Picchu Cusco After Rainbow Mountain, we took some time to appreciate Cusco. In the south of Peru, at 11000 feet above sea level, Cusco was the former capitalContinue reading “Adventures in Peru – Part Four”