The Magic Frog – Part 1 – Simon Receives the Frog

Simon was meandering home from work. It had been a long day, the transportation was packed and he was in no rush to get home so he could listen to his Mother-in-Law telling him about how her sons and daughters were earning so much more than he was and living in much bigger, better apartments.Continue reading “The Magic Frog – Part 1 – Simon Receives the Frog”

The Dragon – Part 19

Superintendent Shum hated loose ends and until he could account for Lansard Jr. he couldn’t close the file. Not surprisingly, enquiries with the Indonesian police produced nothing other than the man had arrived in Bali but his whereabouts were unknown. They were currently conducting a check on all the hotels and beach resorts. Shum wonderedContinue reading “The Dragon – Part 19”