SPIDER WALKS – A contribution by Sasha Haldane

stewartgoeswalkies is so grateful to have received this contribution from Sasha Haldane. Sasha is a Hong Kong based photographer that concentrates on insects, spiders in particular. Her dedication to her chosen field and the subject she concentrates on will be made obvious in the following pages by the standard of her comments and photography.  “Hi!Continue reading “SPIDER WALKS – A contribution by Sasha Haldane”

Zig Zag on Suicide Wall – My Climbing Heyday

In the late seventies and early eighties Suicide Wall, now known as Suicide Cliff, was included in some of the most difficult and challenging climbs in the territory. At the time, the ultimate free climb was Lion Rock and only the most daring even attempted it. It was the only climb I ever saw myContinue reading “Zig Zag on Suicide Wall – My Climbing Heyday”

The Ngong Ping Cable Car Rescue Trail

This is yet another one of David Muir’s adventures, it is one of his favourites and stewartgoeswalkies is very grateful for his contribution. Once again, to get to the start of the walk you need to get up to Ngong Ping, writes David. I took the No. 23 Bus from my village but you canContinue reading “The Ngong Ping Cable Car Rescue Trail”