The Darkness in the Tree – Part 10

Chan was now back in Tai Po and sitting in a conference room that the OIC had put at his disposal. In the brief 45 minutes, he’d had before leaving he had read the file on Huang. Apparently, he had told the truth about everything. His arrival in Singapore, his family, and his pursuit of some mysterious ‘killer’ that had embarrassed both the Malaysian and Singaporean governments.

The file had mentioned that Huang was a mystic of some sort and apparently well respected in the relevant circles throughout Asia. He was not a quack. But then there was no evidence to suggest that any of his claims were real. According to the report, one of those claims was that most countries in the Far East, Hong Kong being one of them, faced danger from ethereal beings that had existed for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

It was late afternoon now and the OIC was going to go out to the crime scene, he didn’t have to tell Chan that he was afraid of being usurped by the CID and anyone else that the Commissioner might send his way. He, like Chan, had worked long and hard to get the position he was in today and he wasn’t going to let the glory boys override him. Chan decided that there should be a representative from Sec for Sec there as well.


The Darkness sensed Huang coming closer. He wasn’t close enough to be a threat just yet, but the Darkness would have to deal with this mortal once and for all within the coming hours or days for it knew something that Huang did not.


Chan and the OIC, Superintendent Lai, found the police officers guarding the crime scene on full alert. They had been told that the OIC was coming and didn’t want to be caught out. The entire situation was fraught, promotions, and even careers were at stake here.

While there was still some daylight remaining Superintendent Lai wanted to walk the entire length of the scene and invited Chan to accompany him. The two men set out with a PC and soon came to the tree where Angie Yung had been killed so horrendously. The scene was quiet, almost peaceful. It was hard to believe that such a terrible thing could have happened in such an idyllic location. Chan had seen the autopsy pictures and knew how terrible the wounds had been. What kind of human being could have done such a thing, and then for a moment he remembered what Huang had told him. It was inconceivable that anything like the creature he described could exist. And certainly not for a thousand years!

Superintendent Lai suggested that they move on. His men had set up a command post in the park office and there would be hot tea waiting for them. In the company of the PC, they walked towards the perimeter tape, neither of them aware of what was watching them from the branches above.


Huang had arrived un-arrested and unmolested in Tai Po and knew the first thing he had to do was find a safe place to rest and recover his strength. He found a ‘hotel’ just off Kwong Fuk Road and registered with the receptionist. The man didn’t bother asking for an identity card, Their usual clientele didn’t usually want their identities, or that of their ‘companions’, known.

He lay down in the tiny room which consisted only of a bed and a side table. He had just closed his eyes when there was a gentle knock on the door. He sent out mental feelers and sensed there was no danger. He opened the door a crack and found Nurse Suen, an elderly lady and two men, one also elderly, waiting outside. His ‘army’ had arrived.

(c) Copyright John Stewart Sloan – 2017 – Not for Distribution

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