The Magic Frog – Part 4 Final Preparations

Simon chose the day carefully. He found out that Lily had to visit her doctor for a regular check-up. Her mother would be at home by herself. It would be perfect. But he had to make an excuse to get out of his office for a few hours. Of course, he had leave accrued and it was easy for him to tell his boss that he wanted to accompany his wife to the doctor. What he wouldn’t tell his boss was that he had to make a quick visit home first. 

After the staff had left and the office was quiet, Simon practised with the mask and the frog. He stood in front of the toilet mirror wearing the mask, went invisible and then pressed the frog. The image he presented would be terrifying to anyone that wasn’t expecting it, especially an old woman. 

He then spent several days in self-examination. Could he really do the crime he was contemplating? Could he live with himself and how could he live with Lily, knowing that he was responsible for killing her mother? 

Then a window of opportunity presented itself. The entire office was invited to a seminar and it would be easy for Simon to sneak out for an hour without being noticed. These seminars were incredibly boring and everyone took advantage of them to take care of some personal business. Even if he was missed it would be assumed that he was just taking care of something. The important thing was to be there at the beginning and the end. 

It was a Wednesday, Lily would go out to do her shopping at half-past ten, Simon, invisible, would be waiting outside the apartment when she left. 

The day came…….. 

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